Our Design Story

Though our focus is now on athletic gear for both men and women, we didn't start out this way! 

I was working full-time and teaching at a local Aerial studio in Victoria BC when my students were having a tough time finding appropriate clothes for their training. That's when my old university desk, in our cramped 1 bedroom apartment became a creative-disaster loaded with rhinestones and sequins, sparkly fabrics, funky meshes and more. 

Fast forward six years, 3 Vertical Theatre shows, a new baby, and a huge move Northward into the Coastal Mountains of BC and we had to re-think my small business. There was no aerial studio in our new city, no job I was qualified for and we had our adorable tiny human who believed everything was edible and hilarious. Though I LOVED the fact we finally had snow in the winter again, we weren't used to it and weren't equipped clothing-wise for the temperature change so I dug out some fabric and made the family some warmer gear suitable for shovelling snow and skinning up our new local Ski area. Through our first few months in Terrace, I kept sewing new leggings, base layers, sports bras and more.

My body had changed so much from pregnancy and nursing that I needed a whole new wardrobe in order to feel covered and confident enough to start working out again post-partum. The leggings and other garments I made were such a huge change from the aerial suits but it felt right! Tall leggings with extra abdominal support, longer bralettes and sports bras that offered a secure hold but were still nursing friendly, tanks and shirts made of bamboo and tencel which stayed soft wash after wash. A local fitness centre took a chance and allowed me to put up a few racks to see if I could sell my designs to other locals and things just took off from there! 

The two women who ran the gym introduced me to an amazing Northern BC initiative where I was able to take courses on starting a small business and I met other small business owners who would become close friends and mentors. There is still SO much that I don't know and am still learning, I'm pretty sure that I will always be learning! 

Our gear is now in 3 stores in the NorthWest of BC and we're looking at expanding into a 4th for Spring of 2020! We also now sell athletic fabrics to other companies and makers around the world through and I love seeing what everyone creates! It's absolutely incredible what a tiny spandex covered desk in a rental can turn into in just a few years :)