I'm bad at blogs, but I need to start somewhere

I'm bad at blogs, but I need to start somewhere



This is one of my bestest friends in the entire world. A woman who lives by her own words and explores by following her heart to wherever it leads her. Lisa blows me away with her free spirit that craves adventure, adrenaline and always strives to be true to herself. She's the kind of woman I've always wanted to be when I grow up (yes she's younger than me but that's besides the point) because she's playful and feisty but also grounded and calm regardless of the storm raging outside. 
Though I've never told her, she's a huge reason of why I got this Creative Madness more organized into a full fledged business. Throughout our years at University she would always remind me to keep hold of what I loved, to feed into the creative side of life when I was stressed or needed to be re-grounded (since she knew I'd never go to Hot Yoga haha) and that was how I re-discovered my absolute pure passion for sewing while trying to finish a degree in Biochem. Though I truly adore proteins and all of their miraculous capabilities, I found the same sort of mechanisms within sewing and design. You can take a linear and 2D entity, change it's environment, maybe add in a few other complimentary bodies, and voila! you now have a 3D fully functioning 'machine' that used to be nothing more than flat fabric and knotted thread.
After our big move northward to Terrace, BC; where I set-up shop to create a full-time sewing studio, Lisa came up to visit (eat a LOT of chocolate, drink wine and raid my closet) and experience this incredibly breath-taking new place I called home. After we'd finished creating some custom joggers (She conned me into teaching her how to sew AND I ended up making both pairs in the end, but I love her so it's cool) she ended up raiding one of my 'One of a Kids' bins and found these leggings hidden at the bottom. They were the first pair I'd made in this style and though I absolutely adored them, but they were too small for me, they had to wait to find their appropriate forever home, which fittingly enough ended up being with Lisa!

Honestly, I think that they look better on Qualicum Beach with her than on one of the clothing racks in the studio ;)


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